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Welcome to Miami, Florida.


Miami, well known by many travelers world wide, is a major city located at the southeast coast of the state of Florida.

The city is the county seat of Miami-Dade County which is also the most populous county in the state of Florida.

Miami is the seventh largest metro area when compared with all other large cities in the United States of America

with a population that counts over 5 million people in 2009.


With this web site we like to show you how Miami looks like and we do this by showing you many beautiful pictures completed with some additional information about the area itself from where each specific picture was taken.


As example the most beautiful 35 mile stretch of bayside beach that can be found anywhere in the United States

is right here in Miami and exploring the beach the Bayside Marketplace Miami with over 150 different retail stores and restaurants is the perfect place to relax after that.


When the day becomes night you don't want to miss the Miami sunset which offers a spectacular view. When its dark, just go for a walk along the bayside to enjoy the another spectacular view when looking at the city from a distance like we did here on our Miami at night page.


At another day you wont like to miss all the fun at the Miami Seaquarium where a performance with orca's

steal the show, they are so huge but jumping out of the water is an easy job for them with their powerful tail fin.

Less spectacular but for sure not less fascinating would be a visit at the Miami Art Museum where the work of

Carlos Alfonzo, José Bedia, Fernando Botero, Ann Hamilton, Guillermo Kuitca, Morris Louis and Frank Stella

is displayed to name just a few names of local artists and most displayed art does capture the essence of Miami.


In Miami you can find also many monuments, each with his own specific remembrance. The Torch of Friendship

was built to signify the passageway for all of Florida’s friends coming from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Monument of Martyrs is structured out of marble and burns a torch brightly at the top to remember all

the brave fallen fighters of Brigade 2506, also known as the Bay of Pigs Invasion. The Holocaust Memorial

was build in 1990 to remember the more then six million Jewish victims who where killed during the second world

war senseless Holocaust. Architect and sculptor Kenneth Treister was the person who designed and created it.


Many celebrities have a house in Miami but those properties are of course closed for visitors, unless you know the

person who lives there personally. But sometime a celebrity does sell its house or dies and the new owner does make an hotel from like it happend with the Villa Versace, build in the 1930’s by Alden Freeman.


Staying in such a hotel gives an extra dimention to your stay in Miami and you got something to talk about when going home again because you were staying at the crime scene of such a famous person from the fashion industry.


Finding a good Hotel in Miami is very easy there is so much choice. The Cadillac Hotel, Marlin Hotel,

Ocean Spray Hotel, Sagamore Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and the Sofitel Hotel are just some of the

many hotels you will find there and depending on your budget fully capable of all your needs.


Just explore the pages on this website to get a general impression from Miami located in the State of Florida.

We hope you enjoy reading our stories and watching the pictures and refer this website it to your friends.


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