AAA Miami Arena


Located along Biscayne Boulevard in Miami is one of the most well renowned arenas in the U.S., the American Airlines Playoffs Arena (AAA). This 20,000 person capacity arena first opened on New Year’s Eve in 1999 with a breathtaking performance by Gloria Estefan (chosen for this honor because of her strong ties to the Miami community).


The colossal new arena cost over $213 million to build and cost the popular airline over $42 million to be awarded the naming rights for the next 20 years. American Airlines also received a “giant” advertising boost when they painted an enormous aircraft on the arenas’ roof with their emblem centered in the middle.


 All incoming and outgoing flights from Miami International Airport can view the splendor of it from high up in the skies. Over the years the expense of this arena has long been forgotten due to the ever growing profit the Playoffs Arena reports yearly.

AAA Miami Arena - American Airlines Playoffs Arena


Topping the list of high profile tenants is the Miami Heat. The Heat have called the American Airlines Playoffs Arena home since the start of the 2000 season only 2 days after the arena opened for the first time. In the 2006 NBA finals, the AAA played host to the Dallas Mavericks/ Miami

Heat championship showdown. Next year the AAA is also scheduled to receive the collegiate players of the 2009 NCAA tournament.


Basketball is not the only sport played in this arena either. The AAA was the chosen location in 2006-2007 for three of the WCW’s (World Championship Wrestling) main wrestling events. The first ever UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight event in Florida was also performed here in mid 2003.

The American Airlines Playoffs Arena was designed for far more then just sporting events. It was built with concert configuration in mind as well.

Depending on the amount of tickets on sale for a particular event the stadium can house between 12,000-19,000 persons.


Some of the biggest names in showbiz have headlined in the dazzling arena. Britney Spears (sold out), Shakira, Cher, and Madonna just to drop the

names of a few of the heavy hitters who have played here. The arena’s acoustics are designed in such a way to please any performer who graces the stage there.The most highly advertised and largest revenue producer to ever enter the arena was the MTV Music Awards.


The AAA was privileged to get to host the 2004 and 2005 live broadcasts of this awards show. It is said that millions of dollars flowed into the Miami-Dade economy in the days preceding and following this event. Big or small the American Airlines Playoffs Arena does it all!!