Art Deco Buildings Miami


The Art-Deco era in Miami started around 1920 and remained popular for the next 20 years or so. The Art Deco movement during those years affected just about every element of life back then. Most architecture, interior design, and industrial design were caught up in this fad of symmetrical design with vibrant coloring.


Art-Deco didn’t just apply to structural things either. It was seen in fashion, paintings, film, and graphic arts as well. The more it mainstreamed into fashion the more popular it became. The early practitioners of Art-Deco weren’t trying to be chic or elegant, they just wanted stand out decorations with flare.


The simplicity of this movement today is mind boggling. Back in the 20’s they just wanted loud colors that gave a sense of fun and excitement, where as now we all sit back and try to figure out what the true meaning behind this art form was. There was none!!

art deco buildings miami


The designers and architects just wanted something new and interesting to mark the changing of the times. No more, no less. It doesn’t take a room of scholars sitting around trying to analyze what the motives behind such a bizarre movement could be. It was just something eye catching that made the community happy. It’s a shame that Art Deco disappeared so suddenly around 1940.


The initial reason for such a drastic change was to be different and set the city apart from everywhere else. So what happens when everyone else

starts to do it? The entire idea behind Art Deco was misinterpreted by the wealthy home builders and soon became the trademark for luxury.


This became the downfall of the Art Deco era. After falling into a kind of mass production state, the creators of the style just felt that it simply lost its soul. When you take something as simple as Art Deco and begin to theorize and calculate the mathematical shapes, you are removing the very soul from which it was created.


Take note of the following craze that came after Art Deco. All the sharp lines were replaced by rounded ones, the bright shiny colors were now

bland and uniform, everything had returned back to the same state it had been in right before the beginning of the “Roaring Twenties”!

It’s such a shame that we were never given the chance to see what would have become of the Art-Deco era. Instead of evolving and

becoming a new hybrid style, it just rolled over and died. Miami is one of the last places in the world to take the time to preserve such an

important part of our American heritage.