Atlantis Condominium Miami


The Atlantis Condominiums in Miami gives new meaning to high-class living. This magnificent high-rise building towers over buildings in the area, not in height, but in style.


The 20-storey landmark building is located at 2025 Brickell Avenue just south of downtown Miami. In 1982 a “breath of fresh air” blew into Miami in the form of the Atlantis Condominiums. Arquitectonica (a then little known architecture firm) received the contract to erect the new structure.

As the building was being pieced together it drew very little attention, because after all, it was just another building to add to the Miami skyline.

However, as the building neared completion, a very obvious hole was centered towards the top.


This was to become “the hook” in drawing people and tenants to the 96 condo building. Taking up 5 storey of the Atlantis was a magnificently built sky court.

atlantis condominium miami


The area at the opening was painted bright yellow, a huge red corkscrew style staircase was added, a jacuzzi for the tenants was inserted, and to

top it all off a large palm tree was thrown into the mix for good measure.What started off as being just another typical Miami piece of architecture;

quickly turned into the new standard of living for Miami.


The outside appearance of Atlantis Condominiums is not the only thing that brings in high paying clients.

The 300 feet long building was only divided into 6 condo units per floor. This allows for very spacious living quarters and magnificent views all around.


The condominiums were considered the essence of luxury living at that time. Even the hit series Miami Vice (on air for five seasons 1984-1989) featured the Atlantis Condominiums in their opening credits. This started the rush to become a tenant in the new high rise. Since rocketing this condominium structure into the spot light, Arquitectonica has built 38 more high rise/skyscrapers in the U.S. The largest is being constructed at the present time, the Marquis.


This latest structure of Arquitectonica is scheduled for completion this year and boasts an impressive 63 floors. It is said that initial prices for these units

will begin at $600 thousand and range to the astronomical price of over $7 million. Its price tag is worthwhile as each unit either has a bayside view or a

city view of downtown Miami. Arquitectonica truly paved the way for architecture in Miami after the completion of the Atlantis Condominiums.

They are cited for breathing the life back into architecture in the area.