Bayside Condominiums


With the current expansions going on in Miami right now, finding a condo with a beautiful view of the bay is easier then ever. The huge metal and glass structures climbing to the sky along Brickell Avenue allow for your selection of views of the beautiful waters just outside of the windows.


There are new condo units all along the borders of the Biscayne Bay that offer some

of the most spectacular views of the water you could ever hope for. If youíre one of the

lucky few that are situated high up in the tower, you can see the waters flowing as

far as your eyes can see.

The Santa Maria Brickell climbs up 51 floors to the top of its tower. The amazing eastern

view shows the bright blue waters of the Biscayne Bay glistening in the morning and the

soft lights bouncing off the waters at night. Itís quite a sight to behold when your kicked

back in your lounge chair and enjoying the waters from the privacy of your own home.

The Imperial Condo sits just down the street, as well.


This is one of the older buildings along the bay, but it still has the same breathtaking

views as any of the newer structures popping up. It stands a modest 30 floors from the

ground, but that definitely doesnít take anything away from the gorgeous view that can

be seen from here.

As you continue down the bay front, itís kind of hard to miss the monstrous Four Seasons Miami. This residential complex towers above the rest of the buildings in the area in more

ways then one.

bayside condominiums, miami


To start with, the Four Seasons is the largest condo unit in Florida. This condo stands 70 floors from the ground and offers views that you canít find anywhere else in Miami. From the top floors you can see not only the east bay, but you can also view the south bay as clear as day.

There is nothing that stands in the way of your view when youíre looking down from almost 800 feet in the air.


The second great thing about this place is it has 5 star amenities that are offered at a fraction of the cost of the other places along the bay.

No matter what choice you make in this area, you are still going to get the best views that Miami has to offer.


All condos in this area give you a view of the city on one side and a view of the beautiful Biscayne Bay on the other!