Bayside Market Place


Bayside Marketplace Miami is the all-around shopping experience for all die hard shopping addicts on vacation in the Southern Florida area. This marketplace is unique to all others because it is actually designed to melt into the Biscayne Bay.


This outdoor mall is situated on 16 acres of waterfront property and has

in excess of 150 different retail stores and restaurants. It is set up almost in a boardwalk like style, but with the added convenience of two large pavilions to keep its shoppers out of the hot Miami sun. Most of the

major retail stores have a branch located here as it is one of the most visited tourist spots along Biscayne Bay. You won’t really see too

many people walking around at 10 a.m. when the market open, but

watch out for pedestrian traffic as the afternoon hours roll around.


No need to list off all of the stores you’ll find here, as it’s pretty much

your run of the mill listings (Gap, Bed Bath & Body, Foot Locker, etc, etc.).

bayside market place, miami


Most of the larger stores are the same that you’d find back at your own mall, but if you take the time to look around you will see some of the souvenir

shops are worth a visit. Nobody ever goes on vacation without buying cheesy trinkets to bring back to distribute to your not so lucky friends that got left behind. So when you first arrive through the gates of the marketplace get your nonsense shopping out of the way so you can take full advantage of what Bayside Marketplace is really all about.


By the name you would assume your going to just another shopping plaza on the waterfront, but Bayside is much more than that.

This is the main ferry hub for all of your site-seeing tours that you might want to try out while you’re on vacation. The most popular ferry rides

leaving from here give you a tour of all of the small islands of Miami and takes the time to show you where all your favorite stars live and party.

You will see some of the most amazing villas and mansions that you ever dreamed of on these tours. It will amaze you that people actually

have the funds to build properties like these.


After you wear yourself out in the Miami heat, come back to the shopping center and dine at your favorite restaurants.

You wont find too much of the ethnic foods of Miami here because its more of your typical food chain kind of stuff.

This place is definitely worth a few hours of your time if you get a chance and the night life spices up after dark as well.