Bayview Miami


If you’re interested in scenic places with views of a skyline full of skyscrapers, then Miami is the place for you. There are new buildings lining up and down the waterway offering a gorgeous view of the new and improved Downtown Miami. From across the bay, you can stand and just marvel at the construction of these new skyscrapers reaching up into the Miami sun. There are new towers or construction of new towers reaching from one end of Downtown Miami to the other.

There is a few that just stands out from the others though. The Wachovia Financial Center is a perfect example. This tower is an architectural stroke of genius. It was built over 20 years ago, but you would think that it was a new addition to the area. The Financial Center design has changed with the Miami times and still fits in as elegantly as it did back in 1984. The unique saw tooth like design on the top of the tower is what makes this building so unique. Anyone standing across the bay looking over at the Downtown district will quickly point out the tower’s architectural appeal.

bayview overlooking the city of miami


This office building is definitely one of the highlights in the area. The next thing you will notice from the bay view side would definitely be One Miami

West Tower and One Miami East Tower. They look like twin sisters sitting along the bay with brilliant white exteriors and sunglass like windows.


This was the perfect place for these two residential buildings to go up. The architectural design of the buildings and the fresh exteriors are a beautiful addition to the bay front in Downtown. These were two of the first buildings completed in the Downtown Miami building boom that started a few years ago.


It seemed like an eternity before the buildings finally got their doors open for the first wave of tenants to pass through. The buildings stand almost

equal in height, around 450 feet, but the East Tower does have one additional floor giving it an additional 10 feet on its total height.

These few buildings are just the standout buildings in the Downtown Miami area. There are skyscrapers going up higher and higher everyday in the

efforts to make the metro area one of the most remarkable sites to be seen on the East Coast. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the completion of the

One Bay front Plaza. This giant is set to break all records in Miami in regards to height and style.


This will be the first building approved over 1000 feet in all of Southern Florida. In the years to come, Miami will be highlighted by this brand new 70

storey tower standing proudly in the middle of downtown.