Brickell Avenue Miami


Brickell Avenue can trace its roots back to the late 1800’s when the pioneer couple, William and Mary Brickell, decided to set up a trading outpost on the very spot that is now named

after them.


Mary was the visionary of the couple and dreamed of an estate that would have well formed roads leading to their business and a beautiful view of the waterfront as they rested inside of their home. Mr. and Mrs. Brickell were the first to build a large luxurious mansion in this part of the newly found area.


Many others were quick to follow and soon “Millionaire’s Row” developed into one of the most prestigious areas around. Not much has really changed over the past few years that much if you think about it. Yes, the big mansions are no longer lined up along Brickell Avenue, but in all fairness the name “Millionaire’s Row” is still fitting.


Brickell Avenue is still home to some of the most beautiful (and expensive) residential living space that Miami has to offer.There are over 8,000 existing residential units located along Brickell Avenue, over 3200 being constructed, and another 5000 already planned.


Now let’s talk about cost. The average price of a simple condo unit along this

historic stretch of land will run you about $300,000 to $2,000,000 plus!


Of course the prices vary depending on what building you choose and how high above

Miami you want to live, but for general purposes let’s just say that living on Brickell

Avenue is the same as living in the original “Millionaire’s Row” from yester year.

brickell avenue


As far as the business aspect of Brickell Avenue goes, guaranteed Mary and William didn’t know that their little outpost would trigger this high of a magnitude of international business.


With over 100 high rise office buildings lining both sides of Brickell, it’s not difficult to understand why this stretch of land has been named the “Wall Street of the South”! Over the past few decades the finance and law professions have began booming as the international trade keeps pouring in from all over the world. The adjacent Port of Miami keeps business steadily flowing into the monstrous steel structures lined up along Brickell.


From Brickell Avenue’s meager beginnings to the power house that it now stands as today, the memory of the pioneer couple lives on each day in the

daily happenings of this stretch of land. There is no sign of this area of Miami ever having to worry about financial difficulties with the ongoing success

of the cruise liner and shipping businesses just down the street.