Brickell Miami


Brickell is one of the most prestigious areas anywhere in Miami to live or

to work. Thatís what makes this particular part of the city so unique, itís actually a financial district as well as residential area.

The Brickell area divides itself into two locations, Upper Brickell and Lower Brickell. These two parts of Miami are separated at the point where Broadway and Brickell intersect. The Upper Brickell area consists of the financial district, which is located just south of Downtown Miami, and all of the new residential skyscrapers that line the waterfront. The Lower Brickell area is made up of mostly small residential high rises on the south side, but as you travel east the buildings start to grow considerably in size.
The mixture of business and residential adds a new dimension to the plan that Miami-Dade is trying to put into effect in this historic part of Miami.

The idea of mixing office towers with residential towers has long been toyed with by the City Council, but plans could never be settled on due to the different zoning laws that affect the area.

brickell buildings


The new Infinity at Brickell is the perfect example of what the Miami-Dade City Council had hoped would develop in the area.

This new skyscraper (set to open sometime this year) offers office space and retail on the bottom floors and high class residential living on the top floors.

By combining these two facets of life, this booming area of Miami is offering the best of both worlds to its tenants.

The idea behind these new designs is that in addition to creating more office space in the area, it also allows the equal amount

of space for residential growth. This really is a remarkable brain storm on the part of all the city officials.

The Miami area is set up in a way that limits its amount of expansion due to lack of land.

The obvious solution was to come up with an architectural design that would allow Miami to expand upwards without dominating in either the

business aspect or the residential. So now, every time you see a new skyscraper going up in one of the more densely populated areas of

the city, you can rest assured that office space as well as residential space will be offered.

Hopefully this ongoing building boom in Miami has the opportunity to continue on successfully. It will be interesting to see what happens in

Miami over the next 20 years after they have used up all available lots on land. Could the first city on water be the next plan of the City Council?