Downtown Miami


The downtown district of Miami is undergoing the largest expansion

project that the United States has seen since the uprising of New York

and Los Angeles. Miami has over 100 different projects being performed

in their downtown area right at this moment. This growing city has

always welcomed immigrants from other countries from around the

world, especially Latin America and Europe. Now these countries have decided to repay the hospitality. Major investors from foreign countries have started to pour money into Miami over the past few years causing large glass and steel structures to start sprouting up everywhere.


Miami and all of its surrounding beaches have always been one of the highlight tourist spots for decades. A combination of the warm weather

and the social diversity of this city have always brought interest from tourist state side as well as from abroad. The profit potential of this city

by the shore is undeterminable, but some estimate that it will reach into

the billions annually after the renovation is complete.

downtown miami


To coincide with all of the new business potential of the expansion; Miami has approved the proposal for almost 61,000 new condominium units.

In the past years all of the new business skyscrapers built in the up and coming city have also included residential condominiums as well in the design.

The rugged urban look of Miami will be replaced with the clean sleek image of other major U.S. cities. Just 5 years ago it looked like Miami was going to wither away to nothing but a pile of rubble by the East Coast.


Most of the excitement from the skyscrapers built in the 80ís was gone and it was predicted that Miami was on the way to becoming another retirement city like Orlando. Thankfully the big plans in motion for Miami will continue to propel the popular city well into the 21st century. Miami has always been a favorite retreat for the rich and famous, the ultimate party spot for the college kids on spring break, and the place to retire to after the social security checks start coming in!


Just a few of the famous people living there now are: Sidney Poitier, Don Johnson, Robert Deniro, Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band, Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, Enriques Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Jose Canseco, and Richard Stern. The list is endless; ranging from singers to songwriters, actors to directors, even race car drivers to professional basketball players.


Downtown Miami will continue to thrive for the decade as more of the cityís projects are completed.

Watch out for this up and coming city over the next few years!