Espiritu Santo Plaza Miami


The Espirito Santo Plaza, located at 1395 Bricknell Avenue, is a magnificent 36 storey

piece of architectural genius. Over 300,000 square feet of quality class A office space is situated inside of “the great glass building” of Miami’s international financial market.

The plaza spans across an entire city block, awing passersby as they take a stroll down

the street. The building is frequently referred to as the welcoming gateway for all of the city’s Latin American immigrants. This is due to the fact that in the architectural design of the structure, a 36 storey arch was built in the area facing the forward position on the site.


Many have referred to this office high rise as an elegant working sculpture piece.

The simple sleek clean designs of this steel and glass building add a distinguished air to

the place that makes it so valuable in the business community.Of course one of the main tenants here is the Espirito Santo Bank. The bank shares the lobby floor with 7,500 square meters of various class retail stores. It is also the main entrance for the Conrad Miami that lies above.


The Conrad Miami occupies the top ten floors of the Espirito Santo Plaza.

This exclusive luxury division of the Hilton Hotel empire is only the 2nd branch of its

kind in the United States. They have over 120 luxury condominiums, taking up 225,000

square feet, providing exclusive residency for those blessed with the finances to afford it.

The plaza was chosen for its unique design and convenient location to the now booming financial market.Like so many other of the first-class resident high rises; an eleven storey, intricately designed atrium is displayed in the hotel. The “Sky Lobby” offers views both internally and externally perfectly decorated to coincide harmoniously with the rest of the building.

espiritu santo plaza


Also attached for the convenience of its residents is a 12 storey parking complex. What’s so great about that, you ask? Well, located atop the roof of the parking structure you will find a swimming pool, two tennis courts, whirlpool, sundeck and garden. Included in this amazing buildings amenities is a complete fitness club making it a step above the rest of the residential facilities that only offer their tenants a workout gym.This is the epiphany of a high-class, high-style, mixture of business and residential, all in one facility.


The Espirito Santo plaza has become the playground of high-paid executives who have the privilege of working in the lower floors and then continuing up the elevators to their cozy living spaces in the upper floors.