Grass Shack in Miami Beach


The grass shacks located along the beaches in Miami add to the entire tropical paradise motif that the area suggests. Most of the shacks built

on the beach have refreshments inside and some of them are even

fully equipped restaurants.


One of the favorite grass shacks in Miami is located in South Beach.

This part of Southern Florida is known for its beautiful beach bathers

and all too wild party goers.Inside of the grass shack during the daytime hours you will have the opportunity to relax and get out of the sun while still being able to enjoy the beachfront scene.You can order seafood

and fish plates from here, but it takes away because they are cooked

at a nearby location and then delivered to you.


Most everything you eat here actually comes out of the very waters that youíre looking into. So if you went scuba diving earlier in the day, itís a very good chance that youíre eating what you saw just a few hours before.

grass shack miami beach


Grass shacks were never really a popular part of the Miami culture. After the colonization of the lands, the old grass shack style houses became a

thing of the past. It has only been the past few years that these beautiful structures have been making a heated comeback on the beaches of the city.

You can find a hundred or so scattered throughout the area as resting spots for beach goers, but there are only 3 or 4 really big ones still standing in the area. Most tourists are more content to sit in one of the beachfront cafes that offer air-conditioning then to sit outside under the dried up coconut palm leaves. To each his own, as they say!


The construction of these grass shacks has definitely progressed from the times when the native tribes were building them. The same basic fundamentals of building one is the same although the materials are slightly different.The original grass shacks were made up of bamboo, coconut palm leaves, and rope ties made from either the bark or leaves of the coconut trees. These houses sustained the native tribes here for generations until the first pioneers set up camp with all the modernized ways of building.


The grass shacks found on the beach today are actually quite similar though. Everything is basically the same except that the wood flooring is made

from better quality wood for the safety of visitors. The ropes that appear to be holding the structure together are more for show then anything because underneath of them you will find large metal spikes.The next time you head down to one of Miamiís beaches, take a load off in one of the grass shacks

and enjoy your island paradise.