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North Miami Beach is slowly becoming the haven for all the families not interested in getting caught up in the building boom going on in the Greater Miami area. Hundreds of new plans area being made for more high-priced condo complexes throughout the bay area and along the Miami Beach waterfront. Thankfully, there are still a few nice residential facilities still available in the North Miami Beach area.


As you travel through North Miami Beach you will find dozens of reasonably priced high rise units available for rent or sale. The prices here are significantly less then what you would pay in the Downtown area or along Brickell. This is where you will find most of the middle income families forced to move out of the waterfront areas due to construction.

Most of the residential buildings in this area have been in use for the past 30 years. The units normally start from around $1200 and can continue into the upper $7000 range rental properties. You can still find a few of the old condo units for sale as well in the region. Contacting one of the local realtors is your best bet if you want to really get a good deal on one of the properties here.

This is the ideal location to settle down with a family or just to relax and get away from the heavy construction going on down by the bay. Life doesn’t get boring here just because you’re not down in the mix of things in the south. There’s plenty of exciting things going on in North Miami. Haulover Beach is the perfect example of how wild the people in North Miami Beach can be. This beach is the only “clothing optional” beach in Miami. The proper term you will hear as you ask around about the beach would be the “naturist” beach located at the northern end of Haulover Park.

north miami highrise clock building


You will find as you ask around the area that not everyone in Miami agrees with the fact that there is a nude beach in the neighborhood.

It was passed into law back in the early 1990’s that this one small piece of the beach would legally allow nudity.


It’s probably the main reason that North Miami is still receiving so many tourists even though they don’t offer all of the excitement of South Beach.

You just have to decide which you would prefer; sitting in South Beach watching people walk around or sitting at North Beach watching people walk

around naked. No matter where you decide to rent or buy your new residence, make sure you take the time to check out the North Miami Beach area because you never know what you’re missing until you take a look around.