Marlin Hotel Miami


The Marlin Hotel is located on Collins Avenue in Miami just down the

street from the large 5 star hotels. This Art-Deco boutique style hotel doesnít have the fancy flare of the new hotels or even its own pool, but there is just something about it that keeps people coming back for more

The hotel offers a modest 12 rooms, but all of them are suites complete with stainless steel kitchen, in room mini-bar, and a few guest toiletries. This place is definitely not equipped with all the bells and whistles that tourists have come to expect from a Miami area hotel.


There is no pool available onsite, but the Marlin Hotel has some kind of agreement with the hotel next door that allows you a dip in their pool. Room service also has limited availability due to the fact that the room service is also received from another hotel as well. Basically, youíre only paying for the history and placement of this hotel. It was one of the hotspots back in the late 1930ís and never had any type of improvement made upon it until around 2004.

marlin hotel an art deco boutique style


Even then itís still below standard for the amount of money you have to pay for a one night stand.

A few amenities like a fitness room and small spa center were added in the renovation, but even those things leave a lot to be desired.


On more then one occasion, guests have complained of filthy rooms and bed sheets that had the look of not being changed in days.

To top that off, the guests that are daring enough to give the Marlin Hotel a chance frequently find themselves without a room!


The Marlin Hotel requires that all room reservations be paid in advance and then when they get there, they donít have a room.

Some people have been shipped off to other 2 star hotels nearby and others told that they can expect a refund.


Most notably regarding this issue was the lawsuit filed by the NFL claiming that the Marlin had backed out of a total of 54 reservations.

To make it even worse, most of those reservations were during the Playoffs and Super Bowl when it was impossible to find any other available hotels

in the area.


The Marlin Hotel seems to have a roller coaster effect regarding business. Sometimes itís at the top and sometimes it plummets to the bottom.

They better be careful before their ride comes to a sudden stop.