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The one thing that Miami is not short of is places to shop. Everywhere you look around the beach area you will find a shopping complex. Itís amazing how many tourists you will find walking around shopping as if they were still back home in their own towns. This explains why Miami makes billions of dollars every year in revenues just from the expenditures of their tourists.

Miami Beach offers some of the best shopping anywhere around the area though. You have the option of walking around outside in the fresh air or going inside a nice air conditioned mall.


The shopping malls are pretty much crowded as you would expect in such a populated area. All of your favorite retail stores from across America are located within most of the major shopping complexes. Itís hard to understand why peple would travel half way across the U.S. to go shopping at the same exact stores they shop in at home! As they say,

to each his own.

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Everybody that goes on vacation always has to do the souvenir shopping thing so that you can go home and pass them around to everyone at your office that got stuck working the week you went to Miami. The best place to do that kind of shopping is definitely outside on the shopping strips.


Donít waste your vacation cooped up inside a shopping mall when you can venture outside and find some of the craziest Miami souvenirs located at the little stores along the busy streets of the city.

Bayside Marketplace is obviously the choice of the majority of tourists. The stores are located right on the water with dozens of different restaurants to choose from as well. The next spot to go to if youíre still dead set on going shopping is the Dolphin Mall. This mall is simply outrageous. It offers over 200 different stores and is located near the airport so you can stop and pick up those last minute things you forgot before your plane takes off.

If youíre really feeling dangerous while youíre in Miami, take a trip over to Bal Harbor shops. Here you will find every high-class, high-end shop you can think of. Tiffanyís, Prada, and Saks are just a few that have set up shops here.


The shopping is really quite an experience if thatís what you came on vacation to do. There are a lot of other really cool things to do while in Miami, but if your one of those types of people that canít go a day without shopping, then this city will give you a shopping experience you wonít soon forget.