Miami Aerial View


Some of the largest and most beautifully built structures in Florida can be seen from the aerial view of Miami. This seaside town has bragging rights for having nine out of 10 of Florida’s largest buildings.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, a 70-storey skyscraper, is the highest structure by the bay rising to an impressive 789 feet. This hotel is on record as being the tallest building in Florida as well as being the 47th largest building in all of America.


Built in 2003, the Four Seasons Hotel was designed by Gary Edward Handel & Associates to accommodate business spaces as well as the famous hotel. The bottom floors contain some of the most valuable Class A office space available in Miami.  The Four Seasons Hotel begins its occupancy on the 8th floor and ends on the 40th floor. The hotel portion contains 221 luxury visitor quarters and 84 hotel/condo style units. The views from all points in the hotel are absolutely breathtaking.

miami aerial view


The remaining area of the Four Seasons Hotel is set aside for luxury living condos on the 40th to 70th floors. Naturally, this beautiful structure is considered to be one of the most expensive places to stay in Florida. The next structure you can see jutting out of the skyline is the Wachovia Financial Center (WFC) that was built in 1984. The WFC (formerly known as Southeast Bank Center and First Union Financial Center) is comprised of 55 storey office spaces and a connecting 15 storey parking annex.


After the building was completed in 1984 it held the honor of being called the largest skyscraper in the Southeastern United States.

Over the past two decades many new structures have surpassed it in height, but the location of the building still makes it a valuable commodity

in the fight for office space in Miami.


Moving on through the city, take a look at the amazing residential structures as well. At the start of this year, the first of two skyscrapers completed construction and opened its doors for business. The tallest all-residential skyscraper, 900 Biscayne Bay, began moving in new residents just months ago. The initial plans for Biscayne Bay would have had the building rising an impressive 65 floors and well over 700 feet. Building codes and problematic designs made the engineers scrap a lot of plans that were on the original blueprints. Even without the additional 2 floors, this structure is still quite a sight to behold.Nearing completion by the end of 2008 is the Marquis. This will knock 900 Biscayne Bay out of the top 3 spots in the fight to be the tallest building in Miami.