Miami City at Night


The skyline of Miami is a sight to behold as the sun slips gently down

to allow the darkness to settle over the city. The city isnít getting ready

to sleep; however, itís just now starting to wake up

After the moon appears in the sky, Miami starts to turn wild.


The building, bars, discos and clubs light up like Christmas trees in the brightest neon lights that you could imagine. Miami is considered to be

one of the hottest party spots in America and it only takes one visit to this tropical paradise to understand why! You can walk down any one of the streets in Downtown Miami and find a party or a party just waiting to happen.


There is something available along the waterfront for every individualís personal taste of fun.The dance scene here is the craziest of anywhere in the world. The music varies from club to club, but the same hot bodies dance around to the beat.

miami city at night overlooking from the bay


Most of the clubs towards the South Beach area blast out the hottest new bass beats.

If relaxation and a good laugh is more your thing, there are close to 50 different comedy bars located along the strip.

Most have a small cover charge, but once your inside very few of them have a drink minimum.

As you go outside searching for the place thatís right for you, take notice of the world being built up around you.

The huge skyscrapers are lit up almost like jack-o-lanterns as you look up around the city.


Some of the new high rises have wine bars located on the ground floor along with some really good restaurants.

The party doesnít necessarily have to be at the dance club if youíre looking for a nice elegant place to spend you night.

As Miami lights up around you itís difficult to make the decision on which way to head to start out your evening.

Itís best to ask around to some of the locals where the type of place youíre looking for is located, rather then spend your night

aimlessly waling around the city.


The beautiful part about Miami is that no matter where you end up after your night out on the town itís always easy to find your way home.

Before you leave your apartment or hotel, take a look up and pick out which of the huge metal monsters you are located closest to and just

follow the lights home!