Miami Center


The Miami Center designed and built by famed architect Pietro Belluschi in the

early 1980ís, is the 2nd largest rental office building in the state of Florida.

This 35 storey office structure is one of the older high rise buildings still standing

in downtown Miami. The design has basically stayed the same through the cityís huge renovation project. Small changes were made to the lobby area in 2002, but there was

no need for major improvements.


The Miami Center stands pronounced in the middle of the financial district offering its tenants beautiful views of the Biscayne Bay. Over 782,000 square feet of Class-A rental space is available within this monstrous marble structure. Some of the most celebrated international banks, law offices, and businesses have offices located here. The inside of the building is decorated in the most beautiful Italian travertine marble available today. The ceiling is completely done in golden oak with custom mahogany millwork all around.


The beauty of the building is not the only reason that the Miami Center boasts the

exclusive client list that it does. In the hot Miami sun this uniquely designed structure

is kept cool by the two 30 ton water cooled package units installed per floor.


These packs allow the cooling system to constantly be monitored through the variable air

box system setup.There are 16 high speed passenger elevators serving the tower in

style as well. Each elevator has marbled floors with mirrored stainless steel ceilings.

This building was built with style and comfort as its main criteria. After a hard days

work or even just an extended lunch break, all of the tenants have access to the

many building amenities.

miami center


The Miami Center has its own executive fitness center featuring state of the art workout equipment with a sauna located nearby for relaxing afterwards.

A pool was also included in the design for the tower and can be enjoyed at any time during business hours.


The most valuable asset of this building is its 9 level contiguous parking area with valet visitor parking. Most of the areas in Miami are struggling

with parking facilities so itís very refreshing to find an office structure that provides an adequate amount of parking.


This is one of the few office towers that is used completely for business space in Downtown Miami. Most of the new skyscrapers sprouting up around

the area also include residential units in the design as well.This has been the first choice of most of the major players in the high paced business

games conducted in the financial district for over 20 years.