Miami City Scape


Miami has been named “America’s Cleanest City” due to its superior air quality, clean streets, clean water supply, and one of the best city-wide recycling programs anywhere in the U.S. That is an extremely amazing

feat based on the fact that Miami is considered to be the fourth largest

city in the nation with just over 5 million registered residents. It is baffling how Miami is able to maintain such a clean environment while housing such an enormous population.


Included in this population are people from every corner of the

world. Miami has long been known for its welcoming attitude towards immigrants from other countries. Most of the Latin American countries

are represented in mass numbers throughout the Miami area.


This is one of the main reasons why almost half of the population of this city still don’t speak English on a regular basis. The further south you go the more Spanish speaking residents you will come across.

miami city scape


Germans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders also call this little Florida paradise home as well. Miami has always been remembered for its close ties to Latin America, but over the past years it is being talked about for an entirely different reason. This booming city has become one of the country’s largest financial centers. Downtown Miami, along Brickell Avenue, has the largest concentration of International banks then anywhere else in the nation.


The financial power centered in Miami has helped the city climb into a lead position in commerce, finances, and helped it to become an

important member of the international trading community. This is nothing compared to the profits that the tourism industry provides.


Last year, Miami received over $17 billion dollars from the expenditures of tourists. These visitors come in for just a few days or a week

to enjoy a nice vacation or one of the city’s many main events.


All of these profits are finally being put to good use as Miami has entered into a building boom that the world has only seen a handful of times before. Thousands of renovation projects and new buildings have been planned and completed over the past few years.


The plans on the drawing board right now carry Miami into the year 2040 without showing any signs of stopping.

Financial analysts from around the world are saying if Miami is able to complete all of the projects that it has planned as of right now that

it will become the superstar of all U.S. cities.