Miami Dade County Jail


Hundreds of families are looking to the administrators of Miami-Dade County Jail for answers as to why their loved ones are all sick, dying, or already dead! Millions of dollars are being spent annually to expand

Miami, but the County can’t afford proper medical treatment for inmates housed in their jail?


Miami-Dade County Jail houses on an average day around 7000 inmates. The majority of the inmates have been accused of crimes and waiting for their trial. Nobody in this facility is convicted of a major crime, but they are paying major consequences for being there, like their LIFE.


Over the past 7 years, the county has reported almost 120 deaths inside of their county facilities. Coroner reports list the most common causes of death as heart attack, cancer, or bad living conditions. Otherwise healthy human beings are being placed into the custody of the county and being cared for less than an animal.

miami dade county jail


The U.S. Bureau of Justice has ranked the Miami-Dade County Corrections System as the eighth worst in the U.S and is ranked number two in the

state of Florida for mortalities.A shining light was shed down on this situation in 2003 over the senseless death of a 17yr old boy in the care of the County.

Omar Paisley was being held in the juvenile system of the county when he passed away due to a ruptured appendix.


Reports filed after the death stated that the guards “thought he was faking it”. A grand jury investigation soon followed and three of the top officials were fired due to negligence.


This is not the only case on record involving similar situations. The nursing staffs at most of the major facilities regularly file reports stating that the medical supplies are inadequate, the staff is short handed, disinfectant solutions are outdated, and denial of patient transfers to private facilities, application for special medication for inmates, and many other formally filed documents that never receive the deserved attention.


Miami-Dade County allots more than $24 million a year to its correctional facilities, but yet they are short on supplies and medical staff every year.

Some of the top paid administrators at the facility are being paid in excess of $120,000 a year, but buying a bottle of insulin for a diabetic patient is

not within the budget. How can this be? Keep in mind that most of these people have been convicted of NOTHING!


They have been accused formally in a court of law and held because there was substantial enough evidence to think that a crime was committed,

but nothing at that point is proven.