Miami Dade Expressway Authority


The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) has been operating

and maintaining the five main expressway systems in Miami since 1996. The expressways entering/exiting Miami are made up of mostly toll roads that connect the city to some of the other major roadways of Southern Florida.

The Gratigny Parkway (SR 924) is about 9 miles of east-west traveling traffic that connects Interstate 75 and the Palmetto Expressway into Northern Miami. This parkway is considered to be one of the most controversial constructions in Miamiís history.

Initially this stretch of highway was supposed to begin construction back

in 1982, but due to lack of funding the project was indefinitely put on hold. It took over a year before the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) finally got the planning right and decided to offset the expenses by making the parkway a toll road.

road to miami


The plans for the highway hit another roadblock just a few months into construction when the residents of Miami Lakes amended their city

charter prohibiting the passage of the expressway through the city limits. It took another 3 years of arbitration before the construction

finally  began again. In 1992 construction completed for the project and the first string of cars were allowed to travel over the parkway.

The next expressway managed by MDX is the Airport Expressway (SR 112). This state highway connects the Miami International Airport into the

Miami Beach area and is the most widely traveled route in Miami. Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) is the longest of all of the MDX run highways

stretching over 16 miles from the first on ramp to the last off ramp.


This toll way is currently divided into 6 lanes of travel moving vehicles from east to west. This is one of the few expressways in the area that suffer

from severe traffic congestion. Miami-Dade County failed on 2 occasions to remedy the problem, but as of today it still remains the same.
The Don Shula Expressway is the fourth in the MDX highway system. This is the part of the system that allows travel from north to south.

Starting at Palmetto Expressway, the freeway runs 6.4 miles before connecting travelers to the Florida Turnpike. The last of the expressway

system is the Snapper Creek Expressway (SR 878). This is the only one of the five highways that does not collect a toll for its use.

Vehicles on this stretch of the expressway have many different exits available to them as they travel east or west through Miami-Dade County.

MDX is constantly improving their expressway system to better serve the growing number of travelers that require efficient and safe travel throughout

the county making this system one of the best in the nation.