Miami International Airport


Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the entire world. It is a well known fact that Miami is one of the largest vacation destinations in the world as well as one of the largest business hubs on the East Coast. Naturally the most efficient way to travel is by airplane.


The enormous growth Miami has undergone over the past few years has added billions of dollars to the revenue of the Miami International Airport. These profits are only in regards to domestic service running to and from major destinations throughout the nation.


As far as international flights are concerned, Miami is ranked as the 3rd largest international gateway in the U.S. It is only topped by JFK Airport in New York and LAX in Los Angeles. It is however the chosen gateway from Latin America due to Miamiís notoriety of being the welcoming point for all immigrants. In 2007, close to 34 million travelers walked the corridors of Miami International Airport.

miami international airport


Thatís close to 10,000 people every day of the year flying into or out of the City of Miami. Thatís a phenomenal number when you think that the

City is also receiving passengers on a daily basis at the Port of Miami as well. Most of the major airlines have hubs here, but the most popular

airline for the past decade has been American Airlines (AA).


AA flies over 100 different air routes daily out of concourse D. More routes have recently been applied for to new destinations so the schedule of

flights will be increasing over the next few months.After the September 11 attacks stricter security procedure protocols were set into effect and this

affected the airport more than most of the other facilities that only accommodated domestic flights.


Almost all of the direct flights from foreign countries were rerouted to stop over points before reaching the Miami International Airport after the

new security measures started. None of the major airports in America were willing to take the chance on national security after the tragedy.

Some flights are still available for bookings, but they are mostly for government officials, journalists, or researchers.


Everything that lies in or close to Miami is being renovated these days so expect to see major improvements coming soon for this airport.

The projected traffic increase that the newly improved city is expecting will definitely require a few additions to the flight roster at the

Miami International Airport.