Miami Port


The Port system in Miami is one of the busiest anywhere around the

world. On average, over 9 million tons of cargo is shipped throughout

the ports of Miami yearly. Thatís an unbelievable amount of goods flowing through one city.


This area is the main gateway connecting America to Latin America and other destinations to the south east. All of the main trading goods from these countries come through on a daily basis. Exports are also leaving

off the docks at the same time, as well.


American goods are considered to be a luxury in most parts of Latin America. In some cases, a pair of Levi jeans from America can almost

be sold for triple the price in Latin America. The supply of quality goods

is limited there due to the use of less expensive inferior fabrics.

Containerized shipping is also a major part of the billion dollar industry going on down in Miami.

miami beach port


The amount of containers loaded/unloaded on the ports piers accounts for almost half of all the imports in America.

This trade route has been opened since the Brickell pioneer couple first started their outpost here a hundred years ago.


Donít forget the cruise ships passing by here either. Some of the largest, most luxurious ships on the water cruise in and out of the ports on a regular basis. Most of the major tourist destinations use Miami as their port of call. This is one of the reasons that Miami sees a huge up flow in tourists when

the summer months begin approaching. Yes, a lot of the tourists coming in are there to visit Miami. A large number of them however are just using the

booming city for its port. If you live anywhere in southern or central America, Miami is the closest port for all cruise ships heading to Latin America,

Europe, and other foreign destinations.


The portís use isnít limited to just commerce. This port is also home to the U.S. Coast Guard fleet as well. With the large amount of people being ferried around Southern Florida and the other many cruise vessels; tight security is a necessity for the small island.Every year, millions of immigrants from around the world attempt to enter into the U.S. illegally.


The shame about this is the fact that there have been numerous instances where when the vessel carrying illegal immigrants reaches MiamiÖ.the majority are dead!Itís an all too often scene here in Miami and something that must be watched carefully by the different security units patrolling the port area.