Miami Skyline View From the Beach


The Miami skyline is rapidly expanding into the heavens with each new

iron monster added to the skyscraper family.


Over the past 10 years 20 plus skyscrapers have sprouted out of the ground in Miami and more and more are hitting the drawing boards.


These iron giants have formed almost a protective wall around the southern peninsula of Florida. Whatís interesting about this is that it was actually planned that way! The City Council all got together and decided that it would put Miami on the map if they would build a wall of skyscrapers around the eastern sea boarder of the city.


Their planned is now coming into full throttle in the shape of the Biscayne Wall. This wall consists of twelve skyscrapers ranging starting at the 300 Block of South Biscayne and ending at the northern end around 1100 Block North Biscayne.

miami  skyline view fom the beach


The buildings in this massive metal and glass wall include: Met 1, Wachovia Financial Center, One Bayfront Plaza, One Biscayne Tower, 50 Biscayne Tower, Everglades on the Bay, Freedom Square, Paramount Park, Marinablue, 900 Biscayne Bay, Ten Museum Park, and the Marquis Miami.

This building boom going on in Miami right now is the third largest construction project being performed right now in the world and the largest being completed within the United States.People are comparing this building boom to that of Hong Kong in the yester year.


Other large cities like New York City and Los Angeles took years of work to complete. Miami is bulldozing its way into the public eye in just a few years.

Most of the projects taking place right now will be completed in late 2009 or early 2010.


Miamiís skyline is ranked third in the U.S. coming in after the big dogs New York City and Chicago. This up and coming city also boasts having the 18th most impressive skyline in the entire world. Whatever plan City Council approved is definitely starting to work. The world has stood up and took notice as

to what is going on in this oceanfront city. Including the smaller communities surrounding Miami, over 50 new high rise buildings are under construction

at the present time.


Miami needs to keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks of having such an enormous project going on. Like all things in life, when you fix one thing,

there is always something else that needs to be repaired as well. Progress is what catapults us into the future, but abusing it is what sets us back!