Miami Sunset


The perfect place for vacationing lovers or newlyweds on their

honeymoon is the romantic vibe of Southern Miami. The minute you

walk out of Miami International Airport you can feel the electric vibes flowing through you body pulling you toward the white sandy beaches.


Hopefully you have planned well in advance everything you want to see

on your trip because itís too easy to get lost in this city that never seems

to sleep. Check-in to your romantic hideaway for two and get lost in your own magical moment.


Most hotels along the waterfront give you the best views of the Miami sunset as it signals to all that the night life is ready to begin. Enjoy this tender moment with your new wife or companion and create a memory


that will last for a life time. Jump in the shower and cool off so you can

get ready to go out and hit all the hotspots available to you in Miami.

miami sunset


The discos and bars lined up along Miami Beach will blow your mind! If your into the celebrity rock star party until you die mentality then you and your companion are in for one hell of a night.The Mansion on Miami Beach is definitely the place to be if you want to give your partner a vacation to remember. Everyoneís favorite past president Bill Clinton partied the night away here, as did Britney and J-lo.


The drinks are a little on the expensive side and there is a minimum if you want to get a table, but if you brought your girl here to impress her,

money shouldnít really be a concern.


After your finished dancing like crazy tourists and had enough to drink, venture out onto the boardwalk and take a nice moonlit stroll.

The love in the air increases dramatically as you walk hand and hand with the gentle lullaby of the Atlantic Ocean by your side.


There are too many after hours venues in South Beach to list, but just keep in mind no matter where you go closing time isnít until 5 a.m.!

Choose a nice outdoor spot for winding up your evening and you can sit and hold your loved one as the sun sneaks up into the sky from across the water.

Sunrises in Miami are also a magical event if spent in the company of that special someone.


Miami is ok if your single and looking for a quick hook up while on vacation. If you really want to fully appreciate what the town has to offer,

bring your special someone with you and experience it together.