Midtown Miami


Midtown Miami is the newest target of the Miami City Council for major renovation. By improving on existing structures and building completely new buildings the City Council hopes to spark and revitalize this once popular spot in Miami.


One of the most recent attractions that has gained attention and recognition from tourists as well as locals is the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. The newly renovated arts center which opened in late 06 consists of three main venues.


The Sanford and Delores Ziff Ballet Opera House is the venue set

aside for the classical arts. Ballet and opera performances take place in this 2400 seat center regularly throughout the year. The next venue in

the arts center is the John S. and James L. Knight Concert Hall.

This performance hall has been host to some of the most widely known orchestras throughout the U.S.

midtown miami mall


The smallest of the venues is the Carnival studio theatre. This small room only allows for seating up to 200 and is mainly used for small private events.

Just last month one of the new skyscrapers being added to Midtown began construction. Urbana Tower (the name it is set to open under) is

set to be 48 floors standing at 549 feet tall.


The new structure is going to be the cornerstone of what will become the Urbana Complex.

This fresh addition to Midtown will include retail, offices, and condominiums. The completion date is tentatively set for late 2009.


One of the first completed projects in the revitalization phase of the area was the Blue on the Bay skyscraper.

This building houses retail units on the first 3 floors and then rockets all the way to the top of the 37th floor with residential units.

The main highlight to this design was the observation deck added to the top floor for the viewing pleasure of its tenants and visitors.


A newly opened residential skyscraper in the area, the 1800 Club, was awarded the SARA design award in 2002 for its pure architectural appeal value. This lets you know that Miami isnít just throwing skyscrapers up in Midtown. They are taking the time to make sure that every building being

added to the city is of the utmost high standards with which they hope their fine town will become known for.


The projects listed on the docket for the Midtown renovation are too many to list.

The once below average look of this part of Miami is quickly becoming as beautiful as the Miami skyline itself.