North Shore Park


In late 2004, the North Shore Park and Youth Center Project was finally completed. The initial plans for the park started over 10 years ago when the local community asked for a little bit of funding to improve the park area for the local children. The City of Miami Beach decided to provide them with a lot more than that.


The new park is around consists of 17 acres of land and cost an

estimated $7.7 million to complete. In addition to the improvements the community asked for, Miami decided to throw in a little flare of their own.The decision was made to add a 2 storey  to add to the beautifully new landscaped area. The center contains a full size stage with complete theatrical lighting, a fully equipped game room, a fully equipped weight lifting room, and several after school activity rooms to help implement the new after school programs in the area.

In addition, the center was also designed with a full size high school basketball court with wood parquet floors.

north shore park


What makes this particular design unique is the ability of the court to be transformed into a volleyball court at the flip of a switch.

The basketball/volleyball nets and posts are electronically controlled for easy conversion of the gym depending on the needs for the day.

Located on the second floor you will find a fully mirrored dance studio set up with parquet floors and a state of the art sound system booth.

This area overlooks the basketball court below and allows for interactions between the two areas.


Special locker rooms were also built into the design taking into consideration the need for separate areas for adults and children.

The locker rooms are equipped with showering facilities and lockers for all personal belongings. Also to the rear of the shower are multiple

bathroom stalls to facilitate the large amount of visitors to the center daily.


A separate tennis center was also built as well. This center has 10 hydro courts (the latest in tennis technology), 2 hard courts, 3 shuffleboard courts,

a few practice courts, and an onsite maintenance facility. The tennis center also has a small retail center towards the front to purchase all of your

playing needs.


The last part of the project completed was the outdoor area. Softball/baseball fields were constructed to allow for league play throughout the year.

This area has 4 dugout boxes, batting cages, and a state of the art irrigation system to keep the greens looking beautiful. Itís nice to know with all

of the major construction going on throughout Miami that the city didnít forget to give back to the community.