Ocean Drive Miami Beach


Ocean Drive is one of the most heavily traveled roads inside of

Miami. Hundreds of units of apartments and condos line this drive

along the beachfront running through the Art-Deco district of the city.

This 10 block stretch of land has more historical value, people,

and glamorous buildings then any other location inside of Miami.

This is the main reason that Ocean Drive is listed as one of the ten greatest streets anywhere in Florida.


The street first gained notoriety back in the early 1900ís when 2 of the wealthiest developers at that time moved into the area. Over the next few decades, the once ordinary stretch of road was transformed into a Mediterranean style getaway. In the following years, the new Art-Deco style came into full bloom and the buildings were renovated and remodeled to fit in with the changing times. This phase soon dwindled out as well around the end of World War II and this part of Miami was pretty much left alone to fall into shambles.

ocean drive park mami beach


In the mid 80ís though, a wave of eccentric photographers and fashion freaks began to move into the area. These groups loved the look of the old

Art-Deco style and joined forces with the previously formed Miami Design Preservation League to help preserve this historical area of Ocean Drive..


Not long after noticing the revamped interest in the area, the Miami Beach planning department decided to develop and redesign Ocean Drive.

This was the first step Ocean Drive took towards becoming the well known street it is known as today. The area was rezoned, sidewalks were

expanding, a 20 feet wide promenade was added on the east side, and an outdoor stage was built with tables and chairs.


As you walk down Ocean Drive today, you can still see all of the initial improvements that started the renovation boom off in the area. Residents of the

area are pleased that the street was given the opportunity to preserve some of its history while still leaping into the future with the addition of all the new residential structures.


The only complaint that can be hard from most long term residents is the ridiculously high cost of living in the area now. Some of the people still living on Ocean Drive have been there since before the 2nd World War. Miami has reported that it has set aside designated areas along the drive to provide lower cost housing for some of its residents in the area.