Miami Beach Police Department


Everybody has the idea that every officer in the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) walks around in khaki pants with a wild Hawaiian button up shirt on just like Don Johnson did in Miami Vice! This is not

the case at all for the police that patrol the sunny beach front.


The Miami Beach Police Department is a fully accredited police agency entrusted with the safety and well being of all of Miami Beach’s residents and visitors. This is evident by their mission statement; “Miami Beach

Law Enforcement Professionals deliver policing excellence through proactive services and interactions, providing a safe environment to all who live, work and play in our vibrant, tropical historic community.”

This police department services the entire Miami Beach area and often assists Miami-Dade Police Department whenever they find themselves short handed. Unlike other police departments located across the rest of the United States, the MBPD approaches their police work in a more radical way.

miami beach police department


Patrols along the beach don’t just involve squad cars driving past the beachfront. They have special units that walk along the board walk and beach

front as well. The MBPD is also well known for its bicycle patrols. On any given day of the week you can look around Miami Beach and see a task force

of bicycles pedaling up and down the board walk into areas that can’t be reached by normal means of transportation.


This special unit also allows for “quicker police presence, faster response time, higher visibility, and more frequent public interaction”. They also use ATV patrols to run the beach assuring that not one inch of Miami Beach goes beyond the hand of the law. Beach goers are amazed at the commitment of this police force.


Here is one you won’t see everyday…policemen on rollerblades?? That’s right! Only here in Miami Beach will you hear of regularly scheduled rollerblade patrols. During the busiest part of the beach season, the MBPD has reported increased reports of pickpockets, purse snatchers, and just outright thieves. The rollerblade patrols offer the advantage of being able to follow in pursuit of a suspect without the risk of injuries that could be sustained by using a bicycle or ATV unit.


The Chief of Police, Chief Carlos Noriega, has great hopes for the MBPD future. He has already began to switch over all of the red, white, and blue squad cars to the more traditional black and white so that they are more easily identifiable to residents and visitors. This is just the start of changes for the Miami Beach Police Department who are already a step above the rest!