Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science


The Rosenstiel Applied Marine Physics Building is part of the graduate school for marine and atmospheric science at the University of Miami. This is the only program of its kind in the United StatesOver 100 scientists, all holding PhD level credentials, make up the faculty at this prestigious part of the University.


Currently only 190 graduate students are participating in this life changing area of study.


It takes a very special kind of student to enter into this program. Students learning here are not being taught how to do things the same way as every student that has come before them. Students enrolled in the Rosenstiel School are here to discover and learn new things that have never been thought of before.


This school is more of a post education research center then an actual college.


New ground breaking discoveries and research methods are what these scholars are seeking. The backbone of their education from Miami University gives them the insight into some of today’s most pressing environmental issues.


The Division of Applied Marine Physics (AMP) is based on the core disciplines of fluid/wave mechanics, elastic/electromagnetic waves, as well as any other form of wave involved in fluid. These students allowed admittance into this program are dedicated to improving the quality

of our water and air as well as discovering the reasons why we are suffering from such

severe destruction to our environment.


Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science


Miami was chosen as the perfect location to launch a scholastic program of this nature due to its never ending battle with hurricanes and the underlying problems beneath the oceans surface. The school has won millions of dollars in grant money from different federal agencies based on its high quality research that is always relevant to pressing problems facing us today.


Rosenstiel School researchers and student researchers have a remarkable record of success in all areas of their research. These young minds of today are the ones informing our government officials about the state of our environment. They are the ones that are doing the research and proving what a complete state of disaster our oceans are slipping into. They are the ones that develop new ideas and inventions so that we can try to save what little of our ozone layer we have left.


These amazing “students” are actually the teachers in a sense when you think about the fact that they are the ones that bring new research and problems to light.