Royal Caribbean Miami


Royal Caribbean (RC) has pretty much seized the market in the cruise ship industry with the recent additions to their fleet. At the present time

RC has 21 cruise ships traveling to over a hundred ports of call throughout the world. They even have an additional ship, set to become the largest cruise ship on the waters, set to launch at the end of this year.

The smallest of the fleet is the Sovereign Class Cruise Ships. These three cruise ships were the first of their kind to be launched in the water setting the standard for all of the other cruise ship companies. These are the oldest ships in the fleet, which of course means that they have the fewest amounts of onboard amenities. This is the way to go if you’re looking for a short, simple, first cruise experience.


Next up is the Vision Class Cruise Ships. These are said to be the best traveled out of the fleet due to their abilities to travel to almost any destination from Alaska all the way to Hawaii. What makes these particular ships unique is the solarium that was built on each of them in the spa area.

royal caribbean


It really allows for a relaxing experience if that is your sort of thing. If you’re onboard to party more then to relax, these ships are more than

accommodating with their 8 bars and lounges available for your pleasure. The Radiance Class Cruise Ships turn traveling by water into a dream

like experience. These ships are equipped with more on board then you might find available at your final destination! These ships were the first to

install the challenging 150 feet rock climbing wall on board. Golf simulation and basketball are also available on this fleet for your athletic enjoyment.

For those looking to be lazy there is plenty on the Radiance Class ships for you as well. You can lay out in one of the hundreds of luxury lounge chairs

laid out along the deck or even sit inside in the air conditioning and watch the beautiful scenery go by through the trademark glass walls and windows.

This exquisite ship fleet is definitely the one to choose if you’re looking for some good old fashioned pampering.


If you’re still looking for even more, the Voyager Class of ships is sure to be pleasing. These ships carry the same amenities on board, but throw in even more for your entertainment. These ships are more like a busy boulevard on the ocean rather then a relaxing cruise. They do have ice rinks and miniature golf, so I guess that makes up for the busy city feel of this part of the fleet.


The last, but definitely not the least is the Freedom Class. These monsters are floating cities at sea! There is no need to even choose a destination to go to because you can have your vacation right on board of these vessels. They are equipped with their own skating rink, Water Park, full size boxing rings, promenades, rock climbing, and different restaurants for every day of your stay on board. These ships are unbelievable! Everybody needs to take a trip on a member of the Royal Caribbean fleet at least once in their lives!