Miami South Beach


Some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and clean blue sparkling water can be found in the Miami area. There are dozens of beaches that bring in the tourists, but none quite like the ones located near Miami Beach. The most popular of course is South Beach. It runs from 1st to 22nd Streets parallel to Ocean Drive. This is the hottest spot in Miami in more ways then one.


In the day time you can frolic along the endless span of white sand and jump into the lightly rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You can look

down to the sandbar at the sea floor even if your submerged up to your waist (the water is really that clear)!


The Miami heat is nothing compared to smoke pouring off of some of the hot bodies lying around the beach. This area is widely known for its large quantity of nearly naked sunbathers enjoying the rays from the all too willing Southern Florida sun.

miami south beach


This is not the beach that you want to take the kids to, although you will find tons of them running around anyway.


This small 2 mile piece of the Miami-Dade County waterfront is listed as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Most of the raves come from environmentalist that are impressed with the high quality of water that South Beach is famous for. The beach is also kept miraculously clean by the

non-stop trash detail crew that has been supplied by the county.


Moving a little further north you will find Miami Beach Central. This looks like a film set right out of an old Baywatch episode! Most people stand and stare

in awe at the oasis laid out before them the first time they step foot on the beach.


You won’t see one of the Baywatch beauties running past you here, but you will definitely see some of the Miami Beach beauties taking a stroll by.


This beach is just about the same as South Beach except most people here reserved hotels that are just walking distance away.

That seems to be the way tourists choose which beach they are going to spend the day at. Why travel all the way to South Beach when you

can walk across the street and enjoy the same waters?You can start walking from the southern point of Miami up towards the surrounding

communities, but you will still find the same beautiful blue sea no matter how far you go!