South Beach at Night


South Beach is the entertainment center of the Miami Beach area of Florida. Hundreds of discos, bars, and night clubs powder the 23 block strip starting at First Street and ending at 23rd Street at the ocean’s edge.

This area of Miami began to rejuvenate itself back in the early 80’s when hip and artistic new fashion industries moved into the area. Irene Marie is credited with being the first fully serviced international modeling agency to grace the island.


This soon set off the race gun for all of the agencies that set up shop in New York. Within the next few years, most of the big named agencies had open up Miami branches of their modeling firms to get in on some of the up and coming action. Photographers and designers with the next neighbors to move-in to take advantage of the untapped resources of the art-deco area of Miami.Within 20 years, this once quiet strip of Miami had turn into a playground for American and European tourists seeking out the famed “South Beach Nightlife”.

south beach at night


At present time you can go into any one of the 150 clubs lined up throughout South Beach.

Most of these venues party on until the wee hours of the morning not calling for last call on the drinks until around 5 a.m.

You do need to expect to experience a club like the ones you would see on your favorite cinema flick.

Entrance into some of the more popular night spots might take up over half of your night just waiting in line.


Then after you get close to the door you will undergo close scrutiny by the staff to see if your clothing and style are what the club is

looking for that certain night. Plan to dish out $50 or $60 just to get in at that point.


After your inside it’s all gravy from there. Head on up to the bar and get yourself a well deserved $20 beer and boogie down for the night.

It’s an experience that can only truly be appreciated in Miami. If you get tired of that particular venue it’s not very difficult to find another.

Head out the door and follow the neon lights into the next disco bar on your list.


The South Beach experience is something that everyone should do once in their lifetime.

It’s important when your older to be able to look back at what Miami has become and have the privilege of being able to

say “Hmmm…been there, done that!”