Central Courtyard of St. Bernard Church


Every little girls dream wedding begins at the courtyard of the

St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church. From the moment you first enter

 the grounds you are thrust back into the times of the 12th century.

The massive church is the center point on the grounds and the surroundings are like those out of a fairy tale. This is the main reason

why this Miami landmark is one of the top choices for weddings and receptions.


The massive outdoor courtyard (lovingly referred to as the Savior Garden) offers the seating capacity of over 150 guests and can accommodate

even more if requested. These large formal gardens provide a beautiful background under the shimmering stars at night or under the bright shining Florida sun. The choices are endless for this particular location within the church grounds. The cloisters located toward the front of the courtyard provide you with the option of a serene stage setting under the watchful eyes of the saints.

central courtyard of st. bernard church


Bridal entrances can be designed to your specifications by the willing staff of the wedding coordination facility located near the entrance.

You also have the alternative of moving just south of the courtyard and having a beautiful ceremony near the Prayer Well. This area truly is

the picture perfect fairy tale location.


The highlight in this lush courtyard is the 2nd century Prayer Well that was extracted from a Roman temple thousands of years ago.

As you and your loved one approach the well, you will feel thousands of years of history blazing through your ceremony marking your

place in the history of this particular ancient artifact. Large Oak trees are all around the area with vines trailing down to the ground

adding a whimsical feel to your event.


All guests will be astounded by the surroundings that on fold around them at their first steps through the churchs gates. Nested in the oak trees is an

array of tropical birds offering their own harmonic song for your enjoyment. The gentle breezes that flow through the churchyard add a melody of their

own as well.


All of your plans quickly are formed into your own romantic wonderland through the efforts of all of the coordinators at your disposal.

Tents, seating, program logistics, catering, equipment rentals, entertainment, decorations, and anything else that your heart may desire are easily obtainable from the experienced on site staff. If you are looking for a Cinderella experience, the St. Bernard garden facilities are exactly where you

want to be.