St. Bernard Garden


The St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church is simply the most beautiful piece

of 12th century structure in the States. This old monastery was flown

over piece by piece by William Randolph Hearst back in the 1920ís and then bought and sold a few times after his death until finally finding its home in Miami. Since becoming part of the Miami scenery, this stone structure has become one of the favorite tourist attractions around.


The church itself is amazing to view, but the landscaping that has

been done around the cloisters is completely breathtaking.

Most recently, St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church and its surrounding gardens have begun to be the background for every little girlís fairy

tale wedding. The church offers seven different locations throughout the grounds to plan a wedding or a wedding reception. All of the locations are splendidly unique in style and offer a wide arrangement of options to plan a special event. They offer an onsite wedding coordinator who pretty much can plan the entire wedding with minimal input from the host.

st. bernard garden


Your two main choices that decide the direction that your wedding will take are simple, indoors or outdoors.In choosing an indoor wedding you

will be available to enjoy the sheer elegance of being surrounded by over 800 years of history echoing around your wedding vow.


The church has had carillon bells installed that announce the unity of a couple as loudly as you would expect for a cathedral 10 times the size.

Stained glass windows lining the walls of the church allow just the right amount of color to flow through tinting the altar in beautiful hues of colors.


If an outdoor wedding is what your heart desires, the church can easily accommodate your wedding dreams. Over the past decades, millions of dollars have been spent on landscaping work to offer all visitors a taste of what this beautiful structure may have been like hundreds of years ago. In the trees

you can hear the soft calling of tropical birds as you walk through the different garden areas.


There are many different areas to choose from outside ranging from a large maze like courtyard to a quiet 10 person hidden altar venue.

These gardens offer a special touch to your special day that you canít find anywhere else in the nation.


It doesnít matter if youíre visiting the church grounds to spend the day or if youíre going there to celebrate your very own wedding day; a

trip to see this one of a kind structure and its beautifully landscaped grounds are worth the drive.