Torch Of Friendship Miami


In 1960, The Torch of Friendship monument in Miami was built to signify the passageway for all of Floridaís friends coming from Latin America

and the Caribbean. The gas fed flame was meant to act as a welcoming beacon for all new and old immigrants to the nation.


Four years later it was re-dedicated to the memory of one of Americaís most beloved presidents, John F. Kennedy Jr. The burning torch sitting

18 feet above Biscayne Boulevard was then said to be an extension of the burning candle then burning at the fallen presidentís gravesite in Arlington.

Now days, the candle just doesnít burn at all! Everyone seems to have a different theory as to why the flame hasnít been burning the past few months. Some say its Miamiís way of expressing disgust with the war going on overseas in Iraq and Iran.


Others say that so much construction is going on in Downtown Miami that one or more of the pipes leading into the torch were damaged.

torch of  friendship miami


So many new projects are going on along Biscayne Blvd. due to the expansion and renovations that it is highly likely that the gas was either turned off or

is being redirected to a different connection.


The most popular theory is that somebody just didnít pay the bill! If you go along the area designated for the park and ask who is responsible for the

torch you will see hands pointing in a million different directions. Put simply, nobody knows whoís responsible for keeping the torch burning bright.

The gas company, Peoples Gas, is the supplier of fuel to the torch. The funny thing is that they donít know whoís responsible for the torch as well.


This beautiful monument has signified so many things throughout the years in Miami, but nobody knows how or why the torch went out.

The only thing that can almost be pinpointed is the when. In early 2006 the torch remained unlit for almost the entire year.

Nobody seemed to care about the touristís disappointment as they walked up to the wall and saw the flame had been put out.


At the present time, the torch burns bright once again. For how long is the important question!


Miami has held so many important events in front of the Torch of Friendship, but yet somehow has lost interest in something as simple as whether it is

lit or not. Itís time to wake up and realize that if this city is going to prosper in the near future it needs to keep the ties that it already has burning strong!