University of Miami


The University of Miami (UM) is a private university in Miami that has

been in operation since 1925. A generous gift of 160 acres of land and

$4 million by George Merrick kick started the development of this school and paved the way for higher learning in the state of Florida.


Since that time, the university has become one of the leading schools

for quality education in the nation. In recent polls, UM was ranked 52nd

out of 248 schools for their medical school and 82nd for their law school.


The student body of UM consists of over 15,000 students from all 50 states and 148 other countries from around the world. The university has been afforded the luxury over the years of choosing some of the brightest young minds for entrance into their programs.


In 2007, UM received over 20,000 applications for the 2,000 open slots they had available for freshmen.

university of  miami


The selected student body for last year had an average high school weighted grade point average of 4.2 (having a grade point average above 4.0,

which is A’s across the board, means that the student completed college level high school classes with an A grade.). Not to mention the average SAT

score of the entering freshmen were on average a 1310 out of the possible 1600.


The University has also stated that their freshmen class consists of almost 70% of students that were ranked in the top 10% of their respective schools.

To be able to accommodate a student body with such a thirst for education; professors from all walks of life are needed.University of Miami currently employs close to 2,500 full-time faculty members. Over 97% of these professors hold a masters degree or its equivalent. Some faculty members are even distinguished Guggenheim fellows, Fulbright Scholars, and National Science Foundation recipients.


Education of this quality doesn’t come cheap of course. Last year the tuition cost for UM was $32,000 plus per school year. This cost does not include room and board, books, and other school related needs.In addition to the many students that enter into their fields of study, the university also produces some of the greatest artists and athletes of the 20th century.


Starring in films over the past few years have been Miami graduates such as; Sylvester Stallone, Ray Liotta, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Steve-O

(he attended but did not graduate) Some of the stand out Miami graduates in sports have been; Greg Louganis (4 time Olympic gold medalist), over 100 players in the NFL, almost 50 players in MLB, and numerous coaches in today’s favorite sports. The University of Miami has produced more than its share of the most amazing superstars in sports and business in the past century.