University of Miami Campus


The University of Miami (UM) offers more than any other university in

the southern States. This prestigious center of learning is made up of

12 colleges and schools along with the Division of Continuing and International Education.


Taking into consideration all of the different facilities on campus, this school offers 150 undergraduate programs, 130 masterís degree programs, 60 doctoral programs, and two professional areas of study.

Sitting proudly at the entrance of UM is the Ashe Administration Building. Within its walls are all of the admission offices as well as the office of the president, Dr. Donna Shalala. Just above the offices are the primary facilities for the College of Arts and Sciences (almost 40% of

freshmenís chosen major). Moving along through the campus you will

pass the Feldenkreis Fountain on your way to the Merrick Building.

This building is where you will find all of the School of Education classrooms.

university of miami campus


This particular part of the university brought in over $7 million in research and program awards last year. The next building along the way

is the Wolfson Building which holds the School of Communication. Last year, this school opened its International building which is stocked

with over 85,000 square feet of digital learning space. This facility is one of the few like it in the U.S.


The School of Nursing and Health Studies is located inside of the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies.

This 4-storey facility is equipped with a medical simulation and research center for the hands on training of all of its students.

As you progress on through campus you will run into the Memorial Building.


This is probably the busiest spot on the UM grounds, especially in between classes. Most of the majors have classes held in this building due to the massive size of the structure. Due to the extended break in between classes introduced by Dr. Shalala, this has become the most popular meeting

place for students. Some of the most cutting edge projects are housed in the adjacent buildings. The College of Engineering is a perfect example.

Most of the students here are dealing with real life solutions to our everyday problems.


This is one of the most interesting places in UM. As you continue on your walk through the grounds of UM, the simple beauty of the campus itself

will amaze you. Take the time to look around at all of the buildings and just imagine what will be the next great invention or solution thought up by

one of the students attending here.