Wachovia Financial Center Miami


Wachovia Financial Center (known previously as the Southeast Bank Center and also as

the First Union Financial Center) still stands as the tallest office building in Downtown Miami.


This 764 feet skyscraper has been a part of the Miami landscape since its completion in

1984. Edward Charles Bassett of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill was the designer that envisioned this magnificent structure.


Built from the ground up with metal and glass, each floor of this metal monster has 9 feet window panel spanning from floor to ceiling. At the start of the 43rd floor, the unique “setbacks” of the Wachovia Financial Center can be seen. This distinctive part of the design

is what sets the center apart from the other surrounding skyscrapers in the area.


Many new towering building have been built in Miami over the past few years, but the Wachovia Financial Center stands out as one of few buildings utilized completely for its

office space value.The center boasts over 100,000 square meters of office space spread out over 55 floors of gleaming glass and metal. That enables the average floor the capability of 2050 square meters of leasing power.


The first floor has been set aside as a retail area. This is where all basic needs can

be conveniently purchased before proceeding to the office spaces located above.

Immediately following on the next floor up is the banking facilities mainly owned and

operated by Wachovia Financial. The next 13 floors are a mixture of different tenants from

the financial and banking industries as well. The fifteenth floor is completely dedicated to Downtown Athletic Club.

wachovia financial center miami


This health club is equipped with every modern day piece of fitness equipment imaginable. Hundreds of tenants and visitors sweat away their day here everyday. A full size basketball is also included in the tower as well, but not on this floor.


As you continue up the tower, most of the floors ascending the tower are dedicated to the business dealings of Wachovia Financial. They are the leading tenant of the center taking up over 12% of all available office space.


Sitting atop on the 55th floor is the luxurious and exclusive Miami City Club. The City Club has been catering to business and government leaders

for over a decade. The design and decoration on this floor is absolutely exquisite. Starting from the polished marble entryway and following along the

rare teak paneling, you are thrust into a world of today’s most successful and influential people in Miami.

The Wachovia Financial Center stands above the rest in more ways than one!